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About Me


27 years sober, circuit speaker, former CBO, CEO, CCO, Father of 8, lover of an amazing woman, nature lover, scuba diver, jokester, altruistic, corporate trainer, trauma coach, health nut, humanitarian, spiritual student and best of all - infinite being


My Background 


MBA from Harrington as well as Master Life Coach Certified from SSC.  LMT with 1,000 hours.  


Entrepreneur of they Year nom from Earnst and Young 98'. Co-Founder of, Co-founder of IGN Search (6 billion searches per year), Co-founder of Search Initiatives.  Former CBO of Appstack and Sightly (Google Venture funded firms). National speaker and coach on business and personal development strategies.  National speaker on the subject of addiction abolishment.  Chair for Temecula Vally HnI for 8 years.  Student of Regression and Trauma reinterpretation under pioneer Wayne Johnson.  Student of Michael Talbot's thesis the Holographic Universe principle.  


Specialize in addiction abolishment, fear eradication, intimacy development and skill transfer.  Removing blocks to personal change and enhancing performance skills to any degree that allows the human to tap into their most profound productive state.  

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Who I work with

I love humans.  All humans.  Regardless of gender, persuasion, age, religious beliefs, past mistakes, social status, race or goals.  If you have a true desire to experience or accomplish something then we are perfect for each other.  Don't be shy.  Take a brave step and come meet with me initially for free.  If you feel that I have answers for you then we can build a strategy of change that works.  Every human that has come into my life path is my teacher.  You have something to show me. Let's begin.

What's in It for You

Joy.  That is our target.  Whatever that means to you.  We will remove the items in your way and perfect your skill suite to manifest joyful accomplishments and experiences.  Your happiness is the operative goal.  We will get deep into WHO you are and what you should be doing with your life to generate forward motion.  We will talk, but we will also work with real strategies designed to change.  But, when we say change we really mean ... become the best version of YOU.

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