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Purpose Inspires!

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

Purpose Encourages Drive

Purpose: The reason something is done or created or for which something exists. Motivation to move or act requires more than simple need or desire. Many times we need to eat, or workout, do homework, clean our home or even practice a skill but we just can’t find the ability to move. Our ability to move with focus and diligence requires purpose. It is the lifeblood of valuable action. As a Life Coach you will be the responsible director of identifying purpose and attaching it to each component of change.

1. I need to read and study (What is the Value/Purpose of this activity?) Attach the Value and encourage the action

2. I need to get sober (What is the Value/Purpose of this Goal?) Attach the Value and encourage the action

3. I want to be in joy (What is the Value/Purpose of this state?) Attach the Value and encourage the action

Every action, goal and/or state of being requires movement on behalf of my clients and I must find their heart felt purpose and attach the value of it to the identified movement and then encourage the action into reality. This will harvest effort. Where does the purpose of each action/goal/state exist?

1. In their Personality Profile

2. Belief System

3. Supportive need to broken instincts

4. Lucid healthy fantasies

5. On the other side of sobriety and/or clear thinking

6. Within the fabric of their healthy reflections

7. Within the content of their past hurst, habits and hang ups

The clues to each person’s purpose(s) lies within these life assessments. We can find them if we note the details and build a paint by numbers picture of our clients inner desires. The human psyche is a very powerful biological computer. It can be reprogrammed to think more clearly, but ultimately we can’t erase decades of desire and angst (most often) and then re-direct the purpose of all human beings. We simply assess the data and find the value that THEY attach the deepest meaning too and then encourage behavior.

Let’s look at these examples:

A young man is an addict. He has struggled with drug addiction for a long time and has found himself in a drug and alcohol treatment center. He adopts the tenants and philosophy of sobriety and works a strong program of change. As the process unfolds, a desire grows in him. He wants to be a drug and alcohol counselor. He tells the Director of the facility his goal and the Director says, “If you follow all of the steps of change, demonstrate you can sponsor other young men to sobriety, I will walk you through the classes and certification process and help you become a counselor.”

The young man becomes incredibly motivated to become even more adept at sober activity and creates a fellowship of success around him, studies daily and his sobriety is brought to a new level. Then the Director says, “If you work for us as a House Manager of one of our Sober Living homes, after your education we will hire you here as a counselor.” Even though the pay is a bit low and the hours long, he feels that he has been given a tremendous gift, and works diligently as a House Manager for 1 year. Then his credentials become realized and the facility hires him as a counselor.

The Director sits with the young man weekly and coaches him through the process of being excellent at his job of helping young addicts change but the young man yearns for more. He would like to become a psychologist one day. The Director says, “Keep working on YOUR sobriety and follow the change structure of our facility for the clients that are in your care and we will pay for your school in the evening for your Masters Degree. The young man becomes elated at his great fortune.

What is the Young Man’s purpose? What occurred that drove him into positive action? Was it the prospect of having a career? Was it the value of helping other addicts change? Did he feel indebted to his benefactors and wish to serve them well? Why did he move with such heartfelt ambition?


1. He is a Choleric/Sanguine/Phlegmatic: Teachers, Speakers, Leaders and Directors. (This is the agenda of this profile)

2. His philosophy: To stay sober you must help others be sober (You get what you give)

3. Being Valuable: His weak Ambition, Self and Social instincts felt and incredible rush of value by caring for others

4. Day Dream: To be able to be respected by others is a lucid day dream. A counselor is a very respectable career

5. Clarity talked to him: After he became sober he felt that life was talking to him and presenting a plan that made sense

6. He saw himself: As he interacted with other counselors he felt that he had the same attributes and could succeed

7. His past was an asset: He believed that his past mistakes could be used for valuable change in other addicts

With all 7 of the conditions talking to his value and purpose driven need(s) he became very excited and the motivation was transformed into desire and dedication to action. He did the work, achieved the goal and felt the satisfaction that comes from being in line with his accurate perspective of purpose.

The older woman has been a housewife her entire adult life. She has raised 3 beautiful children but has a sense of loss now that they are gone. She feels the meaning of her life is empty. She has a talent. She writes poetry every day and keeps it locked away in her journals. Her oldest daughter suggests that she take a writing class. The idea seems nice but not necessary since her writing is for herself only and she enjoys how she crafts her prose. She decides to meet with a Life Coach to deal with her empty feelings and seek a purpose in her life.

Her coach discovers that she is a Sanguine Phlegmatic. A playful, imaginative, loving, compassionate human being. She teaches Sunday school and prays for the world every night before bed. She is shy but charming and confesses that as a little girl she wrote constantly as a way of letting her feelings out. It has helped her throughout her entire life find beauty and balance in all of her life’s challenges. She has experienced the death of her mother, the loss of friendships and even the pain of dropping out of college to be there for her children as her husband worked.

The Life Coach asks her what she day dreams about? She admits to imagining herself a confident speaker and teacher to young girls and ladies and helping them to develop life coping skills. The Coach decides to walk her client through a combination of trauma, moral and fear inventory exercises. Her client starts to see herself more clearly and asks for support in her ambition and self esteem instincts. She recognizes that she was destined for more and starts to develop the belief that raising her daughters was a purpose driven experience. It was part of a bigger plan to prepare her to help other young girls. She is starting to feel drawn to the idea of being some sort of guide to young ladies.

The Coach decides to architect a plan to attach her value to action. “God has given you a powerful change process through your writing. Could you imagine how many young ladies you could encourage and teach if you could skill transfer that ability to others? You could heal thousands of young women?” The client sits quietly and begins to have a powerful feeling of purpose, value and hope. “How could I do that?” She asks. “If you learned skill transfer you could develop the ability to teach. The next step would be to take your amazing talent for writing and publish your process of using poetry to let out and process pain.” Explains the coach.

She says, “I think I would need more formal writing training.” The Coach makes a small suggestion, “Perhaps you should take just one writing class and see if it talks to you.” The client immediately agrees with enthusiasm and within 48 hours has signed up for school.

Why did the coach have more influence over the woman? What was the purpose that the client was being motivated by? What are the various data points that helped the coach attach value to the action? What is the client imagining is her value to the world and what will it do for her inside if she accomplishes the goal?

The Coach identified her personality profile, past hurts and habits, day dreams, reflections, and even attached her philosophy to the value. She walked the client into clarity through inventory and process before she made a purpose suggestion. The client was in the most sober and clear mindset when the coach attached the various aspects of data to a purpose and made a small step action suggestion. The client’s feeling belonged to her since it was in synergy with all of her needful wants and internal desire(s).

We don’t CREATE purpose. We uncover it. My job as a Life Coach is to discover the truthful possible meanings and encourage my clients to move into productive action. That said, without purpose or value attached to action, even the smallest amount of effort can be a huge mountain to climb. But with purpose my clients will climb mountains.

What is YOUR purpose? Do you have a value attached to your action items? Do you visit these values frequently to remind yourself of the meaning of accomplishment? Are you here to make money? Are you here to heal others? Are you here to have a respectable career? Do you imagine that it is easy work and are looking for something for nothing so to speak? Does your personality profile speak to this endeavor? Does your past hurts and habits have value? What will happen dee inside of you if you are successful? If you don’t have answers to all of these questions and more then we suggest that you engage a Master Coach and find out if you are on the correct path. If you are, then you are on a journey to incredible fulfillment and joy. If not, you could be living an experience that you have done in life before that ultimately went no where. Don’t waste time just using intuition as your guide. You will need more than that and you deserve the joy.

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