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Todd Johnson - Master Coach

Your Personal Prosperity Starts with the Right Vision

Find the truth of YOU in the Idyllwild Forest

We were meant to cross paths


You asked for this.  Each word, thought, and feeling is a prayer to God.  It calls out a request and manifests action.  You are the author of your life story.  Come join us on a tour of the path to your true power.  It is time.  

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FREE 4 hour hike and learn events

for new friends

Email us today to find out more about our weekly hiking and learn sessions.  They are FREE.   We hike for about an hour to a beautiful spot where I work on general subjects of personal change.  It is normally a $199 session but for now it is FREE for new friends.

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The Path

What is YOUR path?  Do you have a philosophy that interprets the challenges of life's class room with accuracy and hope filled insight?  Are you wandering in the pain of addiction or loneliness?  Perhaps your heart has lost the luster of passion and can't seem to find love's roost.  Maybe you feel that your skills and abilities are not being leveraged to full potential.  

Regardless of your state, I can help you free your full potential and find joy in the abundance of life.  I have no judgement of your past, or desire to direct you towards a course of action that violates your deep beliefs.  We can work together to unleash truth.  

Come join me on the enchanted Idyllwild mountain and let us tap into the healing energy of nature while we tune deeply into your music.  We will walk as a group to a natural spot and sit quietly as we discuss you and your life.  We will then develop powerfully effective strategies to guide you into the most successful state.  This is not about humming, or the power of chant, but rather, it is a mixture of spiritual translation and therapeutic effectiveness that has worked for 10's of thousands of my students.  

I will teach you how to learn.  I will remove your traumatic blocks.  I will open your true eyes. 

Then you can become anything.

The Programs of Change

If you consider the definition: Coach (noun) A person who advises clients on how to solve their problems and reach their goals in life.  A Life Coach seems to be an individual with a set of answers and directions to help anyone accomplish a specific goal in their life.  However,  the world is full of complex humans that wrestle with a symphony of personal, physical and inter-relational challenges that block the fulfillment of many rewarding life targets. If we didn’t have such complicated life knots then a simple set of written instructions would remove all of the human blocks and we would ALL be enlightened and successful human beings.  Being better armed with an arsenal of quality human change technology, in tandem with a high level of skill transfer literacy, empowers my practice with the best chance to follow through with success.  

Love and Intimacy


Love and Intimacy

Love is giving others what they need.  It is not selfish. Love is elusive for most, because the pathway to true connection comes from intimacy.  Intimacy is vulnerable absolute truth.  It is where passion explodes.  Learn how to experience unlimited explosive passionate love...forever.

Unleash YOUR Power


Become Unlimited YOU

You are an unlimited being. You can be anything you want to be.  Live in forever flowing flow of abundance, or find your significant purpose, or perhaps be a faucet gushing with joy.  It all starts with abolishing fear and tapping into wise internal counsel.  Unleash YOU.  It is a process not a lucky penny.

Stop Addiction

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Abolish Addiction 

Addiction is the poison of dreams.  It is the internal block that clogs our ability to manifest wonderfully! Obsession with fear, sex, drugs, alcohol, depression, food, others, work or the perspective of others must be smashed.  For 27 years I have been clearing this bedevilment.  Worry no more.  You can be free!

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Success Stories

"My wife and I lost our connection.  I love her but I couldn't find any excitement in our marriage.  My wife was angry quite often.  Anthony help us!  He re-introduced us to each other and we learned how to build our love making to a huge level.  We began being honest in a way that we have never been before and now there is respect as well as friendship.  She is my most important person.  My only regret is that we waited so long to finally get change.  But, that is over now.  Thank you Anthony Todd for giving me the greatest gift in my life.  My wife back."

John Ashton. 

Mission Viejo, CA

Contact me to find

your way to a happier personal future

52614 Laurel Trail, Idyllwild, Ca 92549


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