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Sacred Sexuality - Divine YOU

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

Sex. Those three little letters have so much power.

I am not interested, on any level, in judging, condemning or even motivating anyone to act in a manner that is appropriate based on my ideals. My desire is to explore the truth of the word and the power of the Sacred aspect(s) of Sex. I challenge you to ask yourself deep questions. What does it mean to me? Why? What are my boundaries? Why? Do I feel powerful emotional energy when I describe or contemplate my sexual encounters? Thrill? Shame? Guilt? Passion? Power? Acceptance? Embarrassment? Your body belongs to you. Your sensual interactions are personal and unique. Whatever you yearn to experience, I will not stand in the way of your discovery. However, know the truth: Sacred Sexuality will unleash your unlimited creative passionate power. It is the pathway to infinite satisfaction and without question, is pure, joyous beauty.

Sacred: reverently dedicated to some person, purpose, or object:

Sexuality: sexual character; possession of the structural and functional traits of sex.

Sacred Sexuality: reverent dedication with sexual character and traits to some person or purpose

The concept of Sacred Sexuality is the belief that you are expressing your sexual/sensual traits and character in a humble, spiritual, loving manner and the meaning of your expression is devotion to a person or purpose that is fulfilling. What does this mean? Let us dissect the concepts into participles:

Expressing your sexual/sensual traits and character: You share your body and touch with color and emotion. An expression is a communication. It is sharing your thoughts, feelings and imaginings through physical analogy. Your traits are particular accents, style, technique and artistic imagination that is unique to your experience and appetite. It is your sensual thumb print.

Your character speaks to your moral boundaries. Your principles and concepts of belief. Communicating your character should never be a lie. If you could cheerfully and honestly describe your character attributes and actions to anyone then you are on solid ground. If your character is split when it is deviating to the sensual then it is in violation of your true and higher self and could encourage shame or guilt in its consummation.

Humble, spiritual, loving manner:

Humility: not proud or arrogant

Spiritual: relating to the spirit or soul, as distinguished from the physical nature

Loving: feeling or showing love; warmly affectionate

Imagine this state of being. Feeling not more than or less than your lover. Connecting on a soul-full level and touching the higher plane. A warm connection of affection and expressing lovingness. This triune of attributes is the foundation for higher energy induction and a wonderful symphony of erogenous fireworks.

The meaning of your expression is devotion:

Devotion: profound dedication; consecration. Devotion speaks to a dedicated, rather a very important fundamental dedication to the lover.

Consecration: ordination to the sacred. Imagine your love and expression of it sharing a deep and sacred intention. The intention of respecting the power of love and unity at the fundamental level. At the spiritual and true self epicenter.

A sacred act is committed spiritual respect and includes that part of our true self that is not physical but quite powerful. The devotion of our expression, if it is sincere, is a fundamental dedication to the needs and care of the lover.

Purpose that is fulfilling:

Purpose: the reason for which something exists or is done

Fulfilling: to carry out, or bring to realization

Your sexual purpose is the primary reason that the act is performed. It should be congruent with your true life purpose or it is a violation of your soulful desire for accomplishment on this plane. It will thwart your higher self from accomplishing joyful wanted results. If the sexual act does not work to encourage your true purpose to completion then it is a distraction.

Now compile these values.

Sacred Sexual expression is a true measurement of your most honest and correct character, it is a unique analogy of your life purpose and should be fulfilling on every level. Your interaction should be proffered with sacred dedicated devotion to your lover in a humble, spiritual and loving manner.

Is this how you express yourself sexually? Do you have obsessions that drive your physical self out of the Sacred? Have you been touched wrong in your past? Do you have fear that blocks you from achieving the joyful connection of the sensual?

How many lovers you bring to your bed chamber has no bearing. What your erotic turn ons or style is not of consequence. True intimate Sacred Sex is more about:

  1. Do you have an intimate knowing of your lover? How could you devote or dedicate your heart, for any period of time, to a facade?

  2. Are you operating from the divine self or from the ID? The primal self that seeks physical 3D pleasure at the deprecation of the spiritual self.

  3. Are you dedicated to your lover? Do you have a true desire to not harm anyone and give your lover beautiful humble lovingness?

  4. Are you fulfilling your true life purpose when you make love or are you simply satisfying an urge to be accepted, adored, touched?

* Intimacy is explained in great detail in my other blogs, however in a nutshell: intimacy is the complete knowing of another being. All fears, resentments, secrets, fantasies, dreams, goals and ultimately the body. Without complete knowledge of your lover you are being touched and touching a fantom. An imaginary being that represents an idea in your mind, but not necessarily who you are truly sleeping with. KNOW your lover. Let your lover KNOW you. Then you will be touching the true beings that you each know you are. This will be felt at the fundamental level and the orgasm is explosive.

Now, let us discuss YOU. Who are you? Have you been hurt? Do you have trauma deep within your heart from past molestation or abuse? If you are the misunderstood child of the universe you could find yourself repeating the story time and time again to find its conclusion. Well, let me share 2 ideas with you:

  1. Every moment, every abuse, every experience, every mistake, every triumph has prepared you for this moment. You have arrived. You are in the now. NOW is now and you are here. You are beautiful and cherished by infinite beings that have watched over you for life times. You are loved. It is NOW time to end the story and begin the journey toward Sacred Sexuality and joyful lovingness.

2. I offer you a prayer/mantra if you will:

"This is my body not yours, his, hers, or theirs. I am a unique and infinite spiritual being that has immense love pulsing through me. I wish to share it with my true lover(s). I will not trade my body or touch for activity or simply for your physical pleasure, but if my soul knows you and clamors for your heart, I will reach to you. I invoke the Sacred, the Spiritual power of love into our lives as we caress and care for each other. I see truth and can no longer be mislead by broken agenda. I am a perfect match for intimate, wondrous, kinetic, sensual love. Come forth."

Together we seek to restore our hearts and clear our eyes. We are all beings that have been in life's class room many times. It is our individual journey to awaken, but we are partners in this endeavor. We have been called together for a special reason. I praise your courage. I am in joy that we have found each other again. I challenge you to reach for me and join me in going deeper into the incredible power of Sacred Sexuality. There is more, so much more to learn. How to touch ourselves and others. How to find orgasm at the thought of him/her. How to know in our entire being when we have found our match and to attract them into our life journey without effort. We can make love. We can express love. We can have love. To do that we must become LOVE.

If know one has told you today...

I love you. I always have. I always will.

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