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Step 10&11 - Continue...

Step 10: Continued to take personal inventory and when we were wrong promptly admitted it

Chapter 6 “Into Action” pg. 84 - 85 3rd paragraph

Step 11: Sought through prayer and meditation to improve our conscious contact with God as we understood him, praying only for knowledge of His will and the power to carry that out

Chapter 6 “Into Action” pg. 85 4th paragraph - pg. 88

Daily Inventory

Continuously seeing truth is an important aspect to coping with life.

Truth – “Ideal or fundamental reality apart from and transcending perceived experience.”

Truth is based on factual universal laws. It does not matter whether we accept them, know them or believe them. They simply are. In addition, a prerequisite to dream realization is that we successfully obey truth. What does this mean?

It means we cannot attempt to disobey universal laws and expect to realize our dreams. In other words, we might break man’s law of adhering to the speed limit by racing down the highway, but we cannot avoid universal laws of velocity and gravity, with their accompanying absolute consequences. If we drive too fast on a wet, curvy road – there comes a point of no return where we will end up off the road. It’s that simple.

Seeing truth requires the ability to pierce the illusion of man’s self-made laws and notice the power of God. This is a spiritual plane, governed by structurally simple laws that are absolutely unbreakable.

Universal Law of Attraction - We attract EXACTLY what we imagine.

You probably noticed the wonderful fanfare around this ancient concept. The energy of attraction is simple. Close your eyes and acknowledge you have experienced this phenomenon. You decided to buy a Toyota truck and suddenly started seeing them everywhere. You call your spouse your soul mate. In other words, he or she is everything you ever imagined. You were thinking about an old friend, and they call you out of the blue on the phone. These were not predictions; they were attractions.

Universal Law of Reflection - Who we are inside is reflected in our ENTIRE outside world.

The universal law of reflection illustrates how our world was created to show us SELF and guide us through our own unique process of development and achievement. Therefore, our world is not physical, but spiritual. It is a spectacular infinite hologram instantly projecting our internal messages about ourselves. As our inner children grow, our outside world grows. As they learn and change, so does our world. If they are scared, the world is scary. If they feel loved, the world is loving. If they are angry and resentful, the world is angry and resentful. The world is a clear and accurate mirror of who we are inside.

We attract each experience and see ourselves grow during them in our reflection. We invite and watch. We ask and see. We pull and understand. These truths are undeniable.

Most of the time, we will not see the evidence while trapped in our obsessions. However, as each negative addiction is quelled, we begin to sense an underlying energy moving the pieces of our world in mysterious ways. We notice we are part of a subtle ballet.

Yet, often we are like the monkeys in the car. We happily play with the funny little buttons on the dash, when suddenly wonderful music plays … and abruptly it’s gone again! We are not sure, but perhaps the God of the car shared that wonderful music as a reward? Maybe if we are good again he will let us have the music back? So, we sit. We jump up and down. We touch the buttons again, but no music. God must be upset. We are puzzled.

One of the monkeys says, “Perhaps it is something we did that made the wonderful music!” This bright monkey tries each knob one at a time. Suddenly, the music plays and he is happy. The other monkey says, “You must have turned those funny buttons in just the right way to make God happy. See! He has given us back the music.”

God made the car, the radio and the monkeys. However, the music was not God’s reward. It was simply the natural result of God’s many lovely creatures working in harmony.

Fulfillment of our dreams or nightmares are not God’s rewards or punishments. They are simply the natural result of God’s lovely creatures working in (or out of) harmony.

Daily acknowledgement of your true reflection is half the dream building harmony. We must see what we look like each day. How well would you drive if you couldn’t see out your windshield? How far could you go without crashing? You see, harmony demands a clear vision of the road. Know you. Know your purpose. This is the first step.

Step One - Morning Meditation

Find a quiet place each morning for prayer and quiet reflection.

I find I can sit still and relax in warm water. I like to use a bath, shower, or my Jacuzzi. The comforting water calms the many thoughts in my head. I bring a glass of water, a book that is spiritual in nature and pictures of my dreams (we will discuss this more later) to sit with. You may have a garden, comfortable chair, or other favorite place where you can sit for 20 to 30 minutes without being interrupted. Wherever that is, make a commitment to practice your meditation there each day.

Some of you may find this step nearly impossible. Perhaps your job schedule, small children, or other circumstances make this step difficult to realize. Be creative! You can figure out a way to make this work. You may have to “give up” 20 minutes of extra sleep you feel you need, but remember, it will come back to you in amazing ways. You can’t keep it, if you don’t give it away, right?

Once you’ve found your special time and place, begin your morning meditation with prayer. Here are a few examples that may be helpful.

Example 1: “God, I offer myself to Thee, to build me and do with me as Thou wilt. Take away my difficulties, that victory over them may bear witness to those that I would help of Thy love, Thy power and Thy way of life. May I do Thy will always …”

Example 2: “Blood, Body and Breath – Organize, harmonize and synchronize. Open my SELF to higher levels of spontaneous joyful intelligence.”

Example 3: “Thank you for:

All you have given me …

All you have taken away from me …

All I am today …

All I will be tomorrow …

This infinite NOW …

All the power to handle NOW …”

Feel free to say one of your own. Be thankful. Be open. Be abundant and be passionate.

Next, and equally as important – wait for an answer.

Quietly listen. If your mind starts wandering to yesterday or tomorrow, pull your attention back to now. Listen to your breath. Imagine a color. In your mind, see your body in a lovely place. Sense your heart. The primary objective is to be in the now and allow your inner children to feel peace and have a moment of harmony and synergy. Meditation allows them the means to calm down and not be afraid. Your vision of truth is enhanced in this optimal state. Fear is abated and peace commands the senses. This is an essential part of the journey towards honest acceptance of your true reflection.

Note: There are volumes of books on how to sit quietly and meditate. Any one of them will help you. Whatever one you select will be just right for you.

Step Two - What I Spot, I Got!

As you continue through the day, you will most likely give advice, lecture, and/or share your opinion of others. Make a note of these comments. Write down at least 3-5 per day, and later review them. These are meant for you. They are your “to review list.”

Example 1: You wake up and your children are running late for school. You say: “You kids need to be more motivated. You need to get up and have a plan for your day. Stop being so lazy and make getting ready for school a priority.”

Your Message = I need to:

Be more motivated

Have a plan

Stop being lazy

Pay attention to my priorities.

Example 2: You discover your husband spent the household funds on camping gear, leaving you broke for the month. You say: “What were you thinking? You are blowing our household money on needless things! You need to be more responsible with the money. You need to connect with me when you want to buy fun stuff, especially if it comes from our household budget.

Your Message = I need to:


Stop blowing money

Be more responsible with money

Connect with my husband.

Example 3: You sit with a coworker who is thinking about a divorce. You say: “What you need to do is treat your wife like you want to be treated. Make special time for her needs without regard for yours. Never ever threaten abandonment or compare her to a past love.”

Your Message = I need to:

Treat my wife as I would like to be treated

Make special selfless time for her needs

Never threaten to abandon her

Never compare her to a past love.

Example 4: You notice an acquaintance in the park while sitting with your brother. You say: “She is such an alcoholic. She can’t even get her addiction under control. She should go and get some help and change her life. She is going to ruin her life.”

Your Message = I am:

Trapped in my negative obsession

Out of control

In need of getting some help

Going to ruin my life opportunities.

Remember my story? As I began to drink, suddenly my friends around me became drinkers. In each failed marriage, my obsessions were theirs: sex, alcohol and money. As I began to seek money, my peers were money-driven. When I was a business pirate, my colleagues were dishonest. Conversely, as I grew inside, some very profound changes occurred in my life.

When I Stopped …

The Following Occurred …

Going to Jail I no longer associated with convicts.

Cheating My wife and partners became loyal.

Drinking I no longer associated with alcoholics.

Smoking My body grew healthy and strong.

Quitting Jobs My partner has enjoyed the same wife and career for 20 years.

Running Away I stopped getting fired, and my friends became committed.

Lying I was surrounded by truthful friends.

Being Afraid of People I became a speaker and my friends are confident teachers.

Fighting God and Purpose I was surrounded by friends who were spiritual and seekers.

I don’t pick my friends. Universal law attracts my reflection and I feel a connection. Have you ever noticed after meeting someone you feel connected to, it is usually someone that has a lot in common with you? You feel like brothers or sisters or perhaps soul mates. The reality is that the energy you are truly feeling is an accurate look into your wonderful being. You see marvelous SELF in them, so loving them is natural.

On the contrary, you have many traits about SELF which cause you resentment and anger. You don’t like your obsession, dishonesty or perhaps your laziness. When you see your worst traits in other beings, you may naturally feel animosity towards them. We feel our intuition alarm and just know we don’t care for them.

Every scenario is designed to help you see you. Everyone you connect with is your mirror. They are your gift to acknowledge your growth and your negative obsessions. Be sure to inventory the positive as well as the negative experiences. Notice your mirror reflecting the loving being that you are. It is important to not slip into continual remorseful reflection.

As the day progresses take a few minutes to write down what you are saying and seeing and acknowledge the clarity of your universal mirror.

Step Three - Evening Reflection

Before you retire at night, find a quiet place to sit and reflect. Bring pad and pen to document your wonderful and educational day. Remember, your primary purpose was to grow and learn, so your day was perfect! It was exactly how it was supposed to be. Your role in the process is to acknowledge it and prepare your inner children for the tasks of tomorrow.

As you reflect on the day’s events, ask yourself the following important questions.

Where was I:





Am I holding any secrets?

What could I have done better?

Who did I help?

How did my God show up in my life today?

List 3–5 examples of advice, direction or judgment I gave others today.

Review this inventory and imagine your day. What was the theme? What was life teaching SELF today? Do you notice any growth? A good start to becoming one with your inner children and waking to truth is to ask SELF a simple question:

“What am I doing, believing, or feeling differently today than I was yesterday?”

If you notice while reading this content you suddenly feel compelled to change or perhaps you actually do the work or maybe you become aware your mind is open to new ideas, then you are beginning to awaken. These are the early signs of a spiritual union. The body, blood and breath of your inner self are in agreement. It will acknowledge the possibility of a new tomorrow - and you can sense it.

On the other hand, if you start to act, believe, or feel like you did yesterday, you are going back to sleep and you must get active in SELF work. Each day is a new journey. There is only now, so make a commitment to begin now. Do not let ID put off your amazing experience, or you are in jeopardy of mighty procrastination. This defect is powerful and overwhelming. It topples students, businesses and marriages. It is the primary reason for amazing starts with no finishes.

But, there is good news. Now is eternal. It is always now. Your time to begin was always planned for right now! You were meant to experience all you have so your now would be exactly as it is. Your purpose, your dreams and your emotional tool box is perfect for now. Okay … so now what?

What does CONTINUE mean?

Continue: persist in an activity or process.

We have learned to:

1. Inventory our past

2. Acknowledge our weak defects and instincts

3. Surrender our defects

4. List our our harms

5. Make Amends in a specific way

This is the work that we have completed prior to Steps 10 and 11. The word continue in Step 10 suggests that we persist in the activity/process. We simply do it one day at a time, but in the exact same process. This is a short action item if our house stays clean, but could be more arduous if we let it go for awhile. Remember, as we remove this clutter we take the blocks away and the promises come true. If we allow the wreckage to pile up then we are in jeopardy of losing our mental and spiritual sobriety and then ultimately our physical sobriety goes. This is not a theory it is a fact among us.

If we are not sorry, and our conduct continues to harm others, we are quite sure to drink. We are not theorizing. These are facts out of our experience.

Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous

pg. 70

So we use these powerful tools to see ourselves clearly.

We make adjustments where needed

We make Amends where we have created wreckage

We improve our sense of spiritual connection with whatever Higher Power we have established

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