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Assessment of Skills/Weaknesses and Primary Strengths

So you wanted to be the CEO of Apple, but have never had a successful small business, what are your chances? Perhaps, you wish to get married soon but your longest relationship has been 9 weeks. Some of you will want to make $20,000 per month but you have never earned more than $4500. A few of you want to be famous singers but can’t carry a tune.

Now, what are you ever going to do?

It is important from an ethics perspective to use honesty, sincerity and truth to guide your talk tracks. Believe in yourself, but be in the world of realism. Start by establishing a state of faith and reason and then walk through the inventory process. Most of the time, your goals are in design encouraged by weak instincts that don’t even know that they are weak. When you open yourself up to who you really are you will begin to experience an open mind to new ideas and dreams that have even more power. Other times you will be right inline with what you should be in your life and you will just need structure and guidance to get there. How do we determine your talent set matches the needed attributes for skill transferring the needed skills to accomplish the needed pre-determined task(s)?

Let’s evaluate ourselves as we would anyone that is a powerful best practice example of our goals realized. Challenge yourself to go find 3 qualified examples of humans that have your dream in color and begin the qualitative and quantitative assessment of their attributes and talent(s). Once you have found the clear Best Practice of the group and have generated a qualified recipe of attributes, actions and talent(s), the next step is to perform the same assessment on your YOU. Note the differences:

Sample Example:


Work Ethic

Performance talent

Geographic position


Daily Routine

Personality Profile

Financial backing

If the Best Practice has skills that you do not have but you both share in talent then you could have a clear path to realization. Perhaps you simply have instinctual blocks from trauma, addiction or past pain that simply needs to be cleared to be opened up to best change. If it is a financial matter and you are undercapitalized you will need to assess best practice in your space on developing investment or financial backing and then compare the attributes list once again to determine if you have the skill and talent to accomplish the primary ingredient up to the needed ability.

The process:

1. What do you want to accomplish? Why?

2. Is this goal meaningful to your joy or a distractive fantasy brought about by a weak instinct?

3. If this is a healthy goal, can you do it?

4. Look for Best Practice

5. Assess Best Practice

6. Assess them against the Best Practice

7. What are they missing? Talent? Skill? Cash? Etc?

8. If most of what is missing is skill, experience and/or capital build an ingredient assessment against the action items you will need to take to accomplish skill transfer of needed attributes and the cash to accomplish your goals

9. NOTE: if you have blocks such as addiction, trauma or fear we will need to remove these first so that you may successfully follow the recipe without broken behavior to completion

Are you starting to understand how intuition and a bit of conversation is not even close to enough data to build a plan? Are you starting to better understand that every human is different and that the same text on page will not fix, change or help all? We need to generate a custom recipe for each person. The process structure is the same but the conversation, tools and direction will be varied to the individual and their true needs. Without a guide it is obvious why most fail.

90% of most businesses end in bankruptcy

76% of marriages end in divorce

93% of addicts who try to get sober on their own fail

92% of humans that start diets or work out plans fail to reach their objective

The list goes on and on. Humans need help. They need structure, partnership, custom recipes of success and a trained listener that is honest. However, it all falls apart if they don’t take direction, feel they know best or simply never seek help.

Team work makes the Dream work.

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